Google Chromebooks Join the Education Market with Convertible Laptop

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After the reports on Google turning over Motorola back to Lenovo, the two companies are now coming up with a new set of notebooks. The Chinese PC maker is providing help to Google by creating the ThinkPad 11e Chromebook series. Among the new line of notebooks is a flexible convertible Yoga laptop-tablet hybrid. This model operates in four styles and is specifically designed for the classroom setting.

Designed for Classroom Performance

These new Chromebooks will cater the education market, which will provide a built ? in security for the youth. According to Lenovo, all models will have reinforced ports, rubberized bumpers and stronger hinges for improved durability. The design is perfect as protection against damages in case the students get overly excited.

The Specs to Watch Out

The 11e Chromebooks will have an 11.6 ? inch display. The Yoga brand, on the other hand, will have a wide ? angled IPS touchscreen. Each device promises a long all ? day battery life, powered by an Intel processor. An LED indicator will determine the laptop?s wireless connectivity, sleep mode and laptop power to help instructors maintain consistent activity of the students. This way, teachers will know if the students are cyber ? loafing.

The ThinkPad 11e series will be out this coming spring for $349.

But Wait, There?s More

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Chinese manufacturer Lenovo revealed during the CES 2014 that it will have several models on Chrome operating system to come out this summer. According to Jay Parker, president of Lenovo North America, these laptops will come in various price points and configurations. He further told CNET that Chromebooks will surely create a significant impact in the education market. Parker believes that the market will boost in the coming months.

Lenovo?s presence has been so far limited to businesses. Since consumers are now looking forward to notebooks running on Chrome operating system, the Chinese laptop maker?s image will surely experience a big transformation. Just last month, last year?s sales on Chromebooks went up to 21%. This figure only covers the months of January to November and not yet including the Christmas rush.

With the company?s announcement at CES 2014, this year could be a lucky year for Chromebooks.

With a host of affordable new models just announced at CES, 2014 could be the year Chromebooks step out from the shadow of Windows and Mac and turn the big two into a big three.


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