Google Chrome: How To Speed Up Your Browser Easily

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Do you know that various experts said that Google Chrome is one of the fastest internet browsers there is? This browser uses SPDY protocols and DNS prefetching, which load up your page in advance. We know some of you of had already experienced Chrome?s fast and smooth performance, but sometimes it starts to work slow which is very frustrating.

Below are some basic tricks that can help speed up your Google Chrome browser. Check it out.


I am sure that your browser is using many plugins which YOU generally not use. For Chrome to work faster and smoother, you must choose to select those plugins which you only need, for too much plugins will just slow your browser down.

You can disable extra plugins by following these steps.
Run your Google Chrome browser and type this in your address bar. chrome://plugins/
Next, uncheck all the plugins which you are not using. Note that you can only disable these plugins, not delete or uninstall them.

Warning: Be very careful while you disable unwanted plugins because some of them are responsible for your browser?s performance.


You might be wondering if Plugins and Extensions are just the same? Usually, plugins are third party programs that are needed to enhance the performance of your browser, while extensions on the other hand are specifically needed for browsers.
However, just like those extra plugins, unwanted extensions slows up your browsing speed too.

To disable or delete unwanted extensions permanently, just follow these quick and easy steps.
Open your Google Chrome Brower and type this in your address bar. chrome://extensions/ or if you want to check the full list of extensions installed in your browser, go to Settings and click on Extensions in the top left corner of your screen.
You will now see a list of extensions which are supporting your browser. Now, all you have to do is to simply disable or delete any extensions that are not needed. After that, you will surely see some significant changes in your browsing speed.



Everybody knows that if we browse any website, the browser collects the cached texts, cookies and other kinds of data automatically. That?s the reason why when we try to revisit a certain website, it only consumes less time to load.
But although cached data are ultimately made to speed up internet browsers, sometimes it happens that they are the culprit for decreasing your browsing speed.

To clear your browsing data, just follow these simple steps.
Go to Settings, then click on History that can be found in the top left corner of your screen.
Click Clear Browsing Data and simply choose the time range. You can also configure other types of features that are listed below. After doing that, just click the Clear browsing data button, and then poof! You?re done.


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