Google Can Now Locate Your Phone From Google Search: 4 Other Apps For Finding Lost Android Phones

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Google expands “Find My Phone” functionality outside of Android Device Manager. Here are the best alternative apps for locating a lost or stolen Android device.

Nowadays, people rely on the Internet so much that whenever they?re uncertain about something, they pull out our phones and ?google? for answers. But what happens when the phone or tablet is lost? Does Google have the answer? Well, now it turns out that they do! The search giant had just announced a new search engine functionality that helps us find lost handsets easily.

Find missing Android phones directly from Google Search

Google had expanded the option to find lost devices outside of the official Android Device Manager to its regular Google search. Now, all users need to do is open up a Google search page in a Chrome browser and type the words “find my phone.” After that, a map will be displayed showing their device?s location. People who?ve been using Google Search?s native features may notice that this is similar to the way they use the main search box to view their upcoming flights and other customized results. Of course, this locator feature won?t work unless users have logged in to their Google account within the Chrome browser beforehand.

Android Central pointed out that it wouldn?t be possible to lock or erase the content of a device using this feature. For that, users will need to click the map and then be forwarded to the main Android Device Manager page so those actions can be performed. Nevertheless, this is still a very handy improvement. If a smartphone is misplaced inside the house, for instance, all it takes to find it is to type a few words in a laptop and let Google ring up the device.

Apps for finding lost Android

For those who want to quickly locate their missing or stolen Android handsets and they don?t want to depend solely on Android Device Manager, we?ve come up with a list of the best Android apps for finding lost mobile devices.

Some of these apps have features that can help in tracking down devices by triggering it to ring off the hook, by sending the device’s GPS location to the owner?s email. In a worst case scenario, the functionality allows users to wipe their data from the missing device remotely. If those aren?t enough, some apps are also capable of capturing a photo of the thief or record their audio.

Avast Anti-Theft

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Avast Anti Theft app helps track lost phones and display it on a map using a web-based mobile phone tracking feature. It utilizes the device?s GPS tracker and other triangulation methods. This app is capable of remotely locking or wiping the phone memory to keep the owner?s data safe. Avast Anti Theft can also remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone?s surroundings, as well as set up a notification whenever the SIM card is replaced. Stealth Mode automatically hides the app on the phone?s app drawer so the thief won?t be aware of its presence.

Where?s My Droid

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Where?s My Droid is minimalist app that gets the job done. In its free version, it is able to find the phone, set off alarms, a special feature to track the phone?s GPS location even on low battery, and other management features. There?s also a white and black list option that allows owners to manage who can use the app over SMS. Where?s My Droid Pro version lets users remotely take pictures with the camera and lock the phone & wipe out its data.

Plan B

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Plan B is probably the best option for trying to recover a phone that?s already been stolen or lost. For users who had not installed any tracking app before their device was stolen or misplaced, this is their best bet. Plan B, an Android app developed by Lookout Labs, locates devices using cell towers and GPS and then sends the location to the owner?s Gmail Inbox. In some smartphone models, the app can enable the GPS on the device so it automatically sent its location every 10 minutes. For models with no such support, users can text the ?location? from another phone to a designated number. After that, details of the missing handset?s location will be sent to their email.


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