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Google Auto: Google?s Driverless Car Finally Gets Its Name, New Plans Revealed

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Imagining a world where cars are without drivers was generally impossible, but now that Google has the resources and ingenuity to make it possible, the future of driverless cars are among us.

For quite some time now, Google has been exploring a self-driving car program using its own auto company to run driverless cars, according to documents obtained by the Guardian. The subsidiary company, known as Google Auto LLC, was created in 2011 when Google replaced its self-driving Priuses with Lexus SUV?s, The Verge shared.

The company headed by Chris Urmson, project lead for Google?s self-driving cars, is the official manufacturer behind all 23 autonomous Lexus cars registered with California?s department of motor vehicles, which also includes the car that were involved in the recent minor accidents around Google?s home town of Mountain View, the Guardian stated.

Although no lawsuits have been filed concerning the previous accidents, it?s common for businesses to set up subsidiaries when trying something new and potentially risky, Anita Krug shares to the Guardian. ?When you have a separate entity, you generally have spate liability protection,? the associate professor of law at the University of Washington in Seattle says. ?The idea is that if the subsidiary has financial difficulties, creditors should not be able to go after the parent company?s assets,? she added.

The cars were described, that was seen by the Guardian, as a rear-wheel drive in design, with each wheel having its own braking system, which also runs from a 20-30kW electric motor from a lithium ion battery. And through the engineering firm Roush, Google?s manufacturing partner, the cars built by far have been assembled outside of Detroit, Michigan.

To think that you won?t be waiting in line any longer for taking or renewing your driver?s license is such a dream. So for now, let?s not bother Google Auto for a while.

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