Google Assistant Coming To iOS Soon; Details To Be Announced This Week

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Google releasing Google Assistant on IOS this month

Google’s very own personal digital assistant, the Google Assistant, has proven to be one of the best apps on Android since its release a few months ago.

Now, it has made its way to be a standalone app that works on both Android devices and Google’s home assistant hardware. However, a new rumor claims that Google Assistant will also get a standalone app targeted for iOS users.

According to Android Police, a source close to Google confirmed that the company is currently developing a standalone Google Assistant app for iOS. Furthermore, it is said that the new app will be revealed in the next couple of days. More specifically, during this year’s Google I/O event.

The source also said that the app will include all the voice command features. Features that are present on the Android implementation of the app. Also, the iOS version will have an Allo-like chatbot as an additional feature. Unfortunately, apart from that, nothing much is know about the supposed iOS app.

Google releasing Google Assistant on IOS this month

Google Assistant app on Android (via

On the other hand, the software developer kit for the Google Assistant is now being prepared for an iOS release. This means that the SDK will soon be available for iOS developers to implement the feature in their apps.

Clearly, Siri is no longer the most sought-after personal digital assistant for mobile applications. The advancements on artificial intelligence and machine learning paved the way for other virtual assistant apps like the Amazon Alexa.

It is still too soon to tell whether Apple will allow its developers to make use of Google’s very own digital assistant. There is a chance that it will push for developers to use Siri instead of the Google Assistant. However, to date, Apple is yet to release the SKD for its own virtual assistant. But until then, it seems like Google will be forcing Apple’s hands to finally make the Siri available to its developers. For more updates on the Google Assistant for iOS, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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