Google Apologizes for Mishap

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Recently, Google has apologized to its users all over the world when its free email and roster of other free and well-received services have been disrupted by some software problems.

Users who logged in at Google+, Calendar, Documents and even Gmail found that they could not access their accounts for a full 25 minutes?much to the chagrin and annoyance of users across the globe.

Google?s engineering vice-president, Ben Treynor stated this situation through a blog post. To make matters worse, some 10 percent of Google?s users suffered more?for they were not able to access their accounts for 30 minutes longer.


The company did not disclose details of the Gmail glitch. However, this brief outage affected around millions of people all over the world. This proved to be cumbersome to those who relied upon Google for school and work. Complaints have sprouted like bees abuzz all over the world online from Canada, the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

To make matters worse, an online Google Apps tracking dashboard has also experienced some technological problems. This dashboard has been tracking dozens of services that Google makes available to the market, like Gmail and social network Google+. The technological problems persisted as long as the glitch?around 30 to 45 minutes.

Apologies, Apologies

Treynor was deeply apologetic to Google users all over the world for the inconvenience that the company might have caused during the day that it performed lacklustre. The company VP assures its consumers that for the better part of its corporate drive, it would strive to make its services better than before, with faster connections and a tenet to resolve problems at the soonest possible time.

The issue has been resolved for the time being. The company is now trying its best to find the bug that has caused this glitch complained. It is a serious problem that must be addressed soon for an outage at such a massive scale could prove to be disastrous for the company.

For its part, Google has been putting on more checks and monitors throughout its web space in order to make sure that such an outage would not happen again.



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