Google Andromeda: Everything You Wanted to Know

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Google Andromeda Pixel Laptop and Nexus Tablet
Google Andromeda

Google is reportedly working on a new operating system for laptop/tablet hybrids. The new operating system is codenamed Google Andromeda or Project Andromeda. Here are the details that we know so far.

The new operating system will incorporate apps of Android and Chrome OS. Google has already Chrome OS with Android apps integration. Then what special features users can expect with Andromeda?

Andromeda Features

Google?s current Chrome OS acts like a big web browser. Users can play online games and perform any other online task. However, apps and games are limited to download and install on ChromeBook. Andromeda is expected to bring millions of Android apps to Andromeda powered devices.

Moreover, users can not install Chrome OS on multiple devices. It is limited to ChromeBooks and selected devices as other devices encounter problems while installing. For example built-in Wi-Fi doesn?t work on HP S372OY with Chrome OS installed. For more details about compatible devices please visit the company?s developer?s page.

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Google could address this drawback of Chrome OS in Google Andromeda. However, these are merely speculations. Readers are advised to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for the official statement by Google.

Andromeda Powered Bison 2-n-1 in Works?

Meanwhile, reports even claim that the tech giant has started the development on a new 2-in-1 to debut its latest operating system. The devices is codenamed ?Bison? and expected to run on Intel m3 or i5 processor accompanied by 8GB or 16GB RAM. The device will have 32GB to 128GB SSD storage.

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Bison is expected to feature 12.3-inch display. There is no detail about the quality of display available so far. Google?s new laptop/tablet hybrid will most probably feature USB Type-C port as it is already expected in the company?s upcoming Pixel smartphones. Although there are no details available about the battery component, reports claim that the device will survive for 10 hours without charging.

TheBitBag team will update the information as soon as more details emerge about upcoming Google Andromeda. Till then keep reading TheBitBag articles for more updates on upcoming gadgets and technology.

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