Google Android Wear Smartwatches Will Not Change Its Branding

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Google Android Wear launch
Google SmartWatch Features

Following the massive success of Google Pixel smartphones, Google confirmed the launch of long rumored Android Wear smartwatches. The upcoming smartwatches will launch in the?first quarter of next year. The Android Wear devices, however, will not feature either Google or Pixel branding.

Jeff Chang, Google?s Android Wear product manager, told The Verge that the new devices are a collaboration between Google and a third-party manufacturer, similar to the Google-HTC partnership for Nexus.

Though Chang failed to name the manufacturer of the new Google SmartWatch, he revealed the said company produced Android Wear in past. He said the new watches are the?flagship for the Android Wear 2.0 and first to launch on a new platform. The new launch is part of the efforts of Google to convince consumers that smartwatches are still in demand.

Google Android Wear 2.0

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Google SmartWatch Features

The Android Wear 2.0 will bring certain features to all the newly updated watches. The devices will have new innovative features such as standalone apps that don’t require a phone.?Similar features were expected on the Apple Watch series 2. However, they never came to be.

Google?s new smartwatches will bring support for both Android Pay and Google Assistant, without the?need of a smartphone. This is in line with past rumors from Android Police that reported smartwatches with their own mobile connectivity options. The previous rumors suggested two watches codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish.

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The higher end Angelfish is expected to include LTE, GPS and a heart-rate monitor. The smaller model, on the other hand, will act more as a fitness tracker. It will not support the added standalone apps or features.

Another significant new feature is support for one-click Google sign in on the watch. Google announced that users can tap a button on the watch that opens an authentication screen on the phone. This will allow all Android Wear 2.0 apps to authenticate a login directly. This feature will be available on Android Wear for both iOS and Android.

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Google SmartWatch CES Launch

Partner announcements on new Google Android Wear are expected at both Consumer Electronic show in January 2017 and the Baselworld trade show, reports The Verge. The Android Wear 2.0 devices are likely to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in February-March. The MWC 2017 will see the?launch of new Samsung smartphone and Google would probably be shipping the new devices in part with new handsets. Another possible launch date could be in later April which would give more time for manufacturers to introduce the required hardware updates.

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