Google Also Working on Budget Google Pixel 2 for Emerging Markets

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Google reportedly working on budget Google Pixel 2 for emerging markets

When the Google Pixel phone was released last year, a lot of Android fans were a bit disappointed because of its price. The premium phone was mostly out of reach for those who want to experience pure Android bliss. Unfortunately, it looks like the next iteration, the Google Pixel 2, will remain to be a premium phone, according to recent reports. However, there are rumours indicating that Google is contemplating on releasing an affordable Google Pixel 2.

According to 9to5Google, Google is currently in the middle of the design process for the Google Pixel 2. The phone is said to feature a custom SoC chip as well as updated hardware specs including increased waterproofing. Also, the report suggests that the same Pixel 2 design team is trying to come up with a cheaper version of the phone.

Unfortunately, no other details were given about the cheaper Google Pixel 2 apart from the fact that it might not come out in the US. The report mentioned that the phone in question might be available to emerging markets only, assuming it gets off the drawing board.

Google reportedly working on budget Google Pixel 2 for emerging markets

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Moving back to the Google Pixel 2, sources say that the company will be focusing on the camera features of the phone. To be more specific, Google wants to pin down the phone camera’s low-light performance. However, the design team has no intentions of going all out on the camera. The source said that Google is not particularly interested in high pixel count.

Google Pixel 2 hardware upgrades

Apart from the camera, Google Pixel 2 will also receive a number of hardware upgrades, top of which will be a new processor, possibly the Snapdragon 835 or newer. There is a slim chance that Google might expand the system memory as well as the internal flash storage. Waterproofing is also being considered on the new phone, according to the report.

At the moment, fans of the phone can sleep with the idea that a new update is coming pretty soon. Unfortunately, when the release would be is anybody’s guess. At the moment, Google’s design team is busy running through design iterations for the Google Pixel 2. It could take a few more months before they finalize anything and then a few more months to production. Chances are, consumers might be looking at an October release just like the original Google Pixel phone. For more updates on the Google Pixel 2, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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