Google Allo vs. WhatsApp: Will You Ditch WhatsApp for Allo?s Unique Features?

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Allo instant messaging app has been launched by Google to take on WhatsApp and other IMs. With a user base of one billion, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. Here is a comparison between WhatsApp and the newly launched Google Allo.

WhatsApp: What Does it Lack?

Google Allo comes with the following features that are unavailable on WhatsApp:


WhatsApp does not feature inbuilt stickers but does support it through other apps from Play Store. However, Google Allo comes with preloaded stickers along with the ability to download more stickers through the app.

Text Formatting

WhatsApp does not allow users to format their texts. However, Allo?s Shout or Whisper feature for text messages allow users to increase or decrease the size of text before sending. It even allows users to create doodles on images.

Google Allo

Self-destruction Messaging

WhatsApp lacks self-destruction messaging, but provides end-to-end encryption for text and voice messages, media and data. It means even WhatsApp is not able to read or access the messages of its users.

Google allo comes with incognito mode that supports self-destruction messaging along with end-to-end encryption. Messages exchanged outside incognito mode are not encrypted.

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Smart Reply

One of the killer features of Allo is Smart Reply that can automatically suggest messages for reply. It can even provide automated replies when a user receives an image. Such a feature is not available on WhatsApp. The Smart Reply can provide better suggestions as it learns from the way a user converses.


Google Assistant, a virtual assistant bot is integrated in All. Chats sent to @google provides various kinds of answers for directions, nearby places, weather, and so on.

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Google Allo: What Does it lack?

Voice Calling

WhatsApp has a voice calling feature that allows users to make voice calls over mobile data or Wi-Fi. Allo lacks voice calling.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Read Recipients, Status, Privacy

WhatsApp allow users to see whether a contact is active or not by seeing ?last seen? info. This feature is not there in Allo.

Even a simple feature of adding status that is available on WhatsApp is lacking in Allo. Both the apps have Read Recipients feature through which users can know that their sent messages are viewed by the recipients.

WhatsApp also provides good privacy through which users can hide display photo, status and last seen info. Such privacy features are not found on Allo yet.

File Sharing

Both apps support media sharing, but WhatsApp also support file sharing.


WhatsApp on Android support backup of chats on Google Drive whereas for iOS users, it offers backup on iCloud. As of this writing, no backup feature is available on Google Allo. When an Allo user uninstall and reinstalls the app, previous chats are lost.

Desktop/Web Clients

WhatsApp can be accessed through a web browser by visiting and it also provides a desktop client across different OS platforms. Allo is only available for use on Android phones and iPhone.


As previously mentioned, WhatsApp encrypted all the messages that are exchanged through it. It recently updated its policy by stating that it will be sharing user info like mobile numbers, contacts, etc. to Facebook. It does provide an option to opt out from sharing data on Facebook.

Allo provides end-to-end encryption only inside incognito mode. However, the integrated Google Assistant has the ability to take data to provide its users with contextual results. It indicates that WhatsApp is a better secure platform than Allo.

Both the apps are expected to bring features that are currently lacking in both of them. With some really unique features on Allo, its user base is expected to considerably in the near future.

Have you tried Google Allo? Do you like it? Do let us know your views by adding your comments below.

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