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Google Allo Features

Google?s instant messaging app ?Allo? officially rolled out on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store Wednesday, September 21. Allo?s launch comes close at the heels of Google?s August launching of the video chat application ?Duo?. Both apps were first introduced at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference last May 18.

What is Google Allo?

Google Allo is a instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. With Allo, users will get the power of Google search and the Google Assistant inside of a messaging app. Besides basic message sending, integration of the artificial intelligence takes Allo?s productivity and ease of use to a new level. You?ll understand that by simply going through the features of Allo.

Allo Features:


One of the hottest features of Allo is the Whisper/Shout feature. It allows users to increase or decrease the size of any reply, rather than typing in all caps lock. By dragging the send button up or down before you dispatch your message, you can enlarge or decrease the size of your outgoing text. This ?whisper? or ?shout? feature works with emojis too.

Allo WhisperSHOUT

Allo WhisperSHOUT


Allo offers a feature called Ink that lets you get creative with photos. It lets you scribble or type over your own photos before you send them off. The feature only works in the Android app at the moment, but will be coming to iOS devices later on.

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Smart Replies

The smart replies feature allows users to select options from given suggestions. During your conversations with friends, Allo offers smart reply suggestions that you can tap on, essentially shortcut responses that relate to your past replies. For example, if someone asks you out for dinner based on your history, it would indicate ?I?m in? or ?I?m Busy.?

Incognito Mode

The incognito mode gives a user end-to-end encryption, message expiration and discreet notifications.You can send private end-to-end encrypted messages that can be made to disappear after they’ve been read. The sender can even set the expiration for these messages, anywhere from five seconds to one week.

Free SMS

The Allo app can send SMS to your contacts who are not yet on Allo. It will land as a message to download the app but the recipient can reply to you via SMS.

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Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google?s latest iteration of a virtual assistant. It?s considered an upgrade or an extension of Google Now. The Google Assistant is one of the extremely powerful and most advanced features of Allo that takes productivity of the app into the future.

The virtual assistant can provide all around help in your ongoing conversation. For instance, when chatting with a friend to go over to a Chinese restaurant, Google?s assistant will automatically chime in with the suggestions of Chinese restaurants in the area. It will even help with getting directions and placing a call for booking the place.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

This means you no longer have to leave your messaging app to do a Google search. The virtual assistant provides multi-tasking in the messaging app itself. You can even call on Google Assistant at any time just by typing ?@google? in Allo.

How to install:

Google Allo is available across both Android and iOS platforms and is free for all. The installation is an easy process as the downloadable file size is really small. Allo has a clean design, easy-to-use interface and a setup process that must be familiar to everyone who has installed WhatsApp. Once installed, the app just needs the user to enter his number.

After Google verification, you can either take a selfie for a profile picture, or skip that part and move on to start messaging. Allo doesn’t require a Google account. Although if your phone already has it, it automatically adds that. Get Allo on Play Store and Apple Store here.

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