Google acquires Appetas to possibly battle Yelp

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Google seems interested in building up their relationship with local businesses particularly with restaurants. Google has recently acquired Appetas, a site for restaurants, where they can build their own websites themselves with integrated services like GrubHub and OpenTable, that adds extra features like reservations and delivery services. This move could be seen as Google?s way to get into the space of Yelp, the popular restaurant review app.

According to co-founders Curtis Fonger and Keller Smith, they mentioned that they wanted Appetas to drastically simplify life for businesses and to give them an online presence within seconds, but with this new acquisition, they would be able to get to a much larger audience with Google?s help.

Since the service is “shutting down”, Appetas has mentioned that they will be working on transitioning their existing users to equivalent platforms so that they can focus on their new endeavors. Whatever those endeavors are, they still aren?t known. The company added that they will be reaching out to each of their customers individually to ensure a smooth transition.

With regards to the deal itself, no details were mentioned, but it looks like it was a positive outcome for everyone involved.

There are actually a lot of places where various businesses can go to create their own websites. The distinguishing factor for Appetas, is that it had created a service that targets and innovates with the kinds of tools that are the most beneficial for restaurants and cafes. The kind of services that are most likely implemented already in large chains, but may be harder or more challenging for smaller businesses to develop, without needing to shell out a lot of cash towards a web developer. Some of these services include delivery systems, reservations, mobile websites as well as social media integrations.

With Google calling the shots, we will most likely see integration between the platform and Google?s wider range of services like Zagat. Google understands the importance of small and local businesses, and this could be the first step in trying to innovate and build their relationships with them further.

Photo Source: Appetas blog

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