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Game studio, The Fullbright Company, has announced that their critically acclaimed first person adventure game Gone Home is now available in a Retail Special Edition with a price of $29.99.

Gone Home was originally released last August digitally by The Fullbright Company for the PC platform with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows at a price of $19.99. Steve Gaynor, co-founder of the game, mentioned in a blog post that: ?I don’t think we ever imagined that the game would be available as a physical version, in a box we could hold in our hands.? They first envisioned the game to be a simple downloadable game. But now, the game has entered the real world in collaboration with Headup and Merge Games.

The Retail Special Edition of Gone Home comes with a lot of features and extras and is a special deluxe edition. See below for the list.

  • Gone Home DRM-free for PC/Mac/Linux on DVD, as well as a free Steam key
  • The full Gone Home Original Soundtrack (The GH:OST) by Chris Remo, plus all of the audio diaries from Gone Home in MP3 format!
  • A Gone Home cassette tape logo sticker
  • The 40-page ?Designer?s Notebook? filled with notes and sketches from the development of Gone Home
  • Fold-out poster of?the cover of Sam & Lonnie?s zine!

The packaging of the box is very retro and should remind players of the mid 1990s as it has similarities with Super Nintendo cover art. The game?s DVD case features a binder by Aleks Sennwald. The Gone Home Retail Special Edition was brought to fruition by game publishers Headup Games and Merge Games. The game is being sold in various areas around the world. For North America customers, they can buy the game directly from The Fullbright Company for $29.99 via Topatoco while for European customers, they can get the game from Merge Games with a price of ?19.95 in the U.K. and ?24.95 in Europe.

Photo Source: The Fullbright Company website

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