Why The Golden State Warriors Should See Kyrie Irving as a Threat

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Gone are the days when Kyrie Irving, 24, brought problems to the Cleveland Cavaliers. After getting benched in last year?s championship quest, Irving is now fulfilling his dream of playing in the finals.

According to SBNation, Irving is slowly taking over reigning MVP Stephen Curry in terms of stats and just recently, after scoring 41 points in the Cleveland Cavaliers much needed Game 5 win, he faced one of the biggest games of his life and emerged successfully from it. But the battle isn?t over, it?s far from over as the shadows of the defending champions still loom over them and having to face the Golden State Warriors in their home for the do-or-die Game 7; Irving must step up his game.

Averaging 28 points per game in the series and consistently laying 30 points per game in the previous games prior to his 41-point record, it looks like Irving is ?outscoring? the MVP. When it comes to scoring on the floor, Irving is superior to Curry with an average of 48 percent to Curry?s 42 percent.

Their 3-point efforts land on similar figures with Irving holding on to the ball in a more effective manner; turnaround woes are less in his possession than that of Curry.

Looking through the stats, it?s now clear that Irving poses a threat to the Golden State Warriors? title-retention campaign; and with the numbers talking, Kyrie Irving actually has it, the Warriors have more problems coming from him than the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Game 6 of the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers ended with the Cavaliers out-scoring the defending champions by 14 points. GSW star Curry got ejected at the waning minutes of the ballgame with the Cavaliers leading the game by 12 points. Maxing his six fouls and throwing his mouthpiece at a fan definitely do not define the MVP, but it was his temper that took over after he was called for a third ?unlikely foul.?

The Cleveland Cavaliers stays alive after beating the 3-1 odds against the Golden State Warriors and on Sunday, June 19, 2016, the Cavs will head to the Oracle Arena for the deciding Game 7.

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