Golden State Warriors Roster 2017: Trade Rumors, Standing; Plus Durant, Curry, Green Magic

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Last year?s NBA runner-up, the Golden State Warriors, is off to a great start this year. With a super team like this, a lot are wondering if they would end up with the championship at the end of this season. So, to help us predict their future, let us break down their statistics as of right now.

The Warriors currently lead the league in standings. They have a win-loss record of 19-3, winning nine out of their last 10 games. Also, Steve Kerr?s squad led the NBA in points per game scoring an average of 120 per outing.

Aside from leading the league in score, Golden State also edges all other teams in assists per game. With the way they move the ball each night, they are racking up 30+ dimes on a nearly regular basis. These statistics clearly indicate that this super team is a title contender this season.

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Now, let us proceed to their leaders. Their newly-acquired superstar, Kevin Durant, is leading the team in points per game. He has an average of 26.5 marks per game alongside 8.4 boards and 1.7 blocks. Stephen Curry, on the other hand, is scoring 25.9 points per outing and Klay Thompson with 22.6.

Furthermore, the Golden State Warriors super lineup will not be complete without Draymond Green. He leads the team in assists and rebounds per game. He is considered as the soul of the squad with 8.4 boards and 7.3 dimes per game.

Although their superstars are doing great, what matters most is the production of their bench. Golden State cannot win every night without their reserves playing great as well. Speaking of, Ian Clark leads the bench in terms of scoring with 6.8, followed by Andre Iguodala with 5.9.

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Clearly, this production would not be enough to support the starters. However, Kerr is so smart that he is not allowing the squad to play without one or two of their superstars. Usually, Curry and Green are the ones playing together to finish the first period. Thompson and Durant will then start the second quarter before Curry and Green join them to finish the half.

This strategy has been working very well for them. However, although they are leading in the standings, there are still trade rumors circulating the team. Thompson is the usual topic of these rumors. On a good note, he has debunked these issues more than twice already.

As of now, it is too early to predict whether or not the Golden State Warriors will end up with a championship. However, it is somehow safe to say that they will again play in the Playoffs. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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