Golden Axe, Prince of Persia and Gods – Old Games You Wish You Have Now

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You know you?re getting old if you can start relating to old games like these. The kids today don?t know what it?s like to appreciate low-res graphics and simpler controls. Us people of the earlier generations had even more fun with less pixels. But back in the days, where MS-DOS was boss and Sony walkmans were cool, we didn?t have much processing power. But now that your smartphone can process more than your kid does, maybe it?s time to look back at some of the titles that made our childhood better.


Golden Axe

When a title screen looks this good, you know you’re going to have a good time

You?re a loser if you don?t remember this one. Some sibling pairs would even share a keyboard and hack-and-slash together. This gem was released by Sega in 1990 and was one of the earliest instruments of two-directional violence on the computer. This game was so good they had the remake it for the Xbox 360.

Players would choose one of three available heroes (wow, variety in the good ?ol days) from a bad-ass looking skull and start kicking ass and chewing gum and running out of gum.

We’ve always wondered what the other outstretched hand was for

You can choose between a steroid-addicted He-Man, a retired Viking that escaped retirement home and an Amazon who obviously got her clothes from the department store.

Despite the lack of creativity, kids back then could care less what they wore. What was important was that there were things to kill and fire-breathing dinosaurs to ride into battle.

You may be cool. But you’ll never be grandpa-on-fire-breathing dinosaur cool.


Prince of Persia

This was where all the time-rewinding and wall-running began

Ah yes, who could forget this one? This gem of a game leapt it?s way into our memories long before parkour became popular. Navigate through various traps and sword-wielding baddies within the hour and get lai-errrr we mean rescue the princess!

This was also one of those games that taught us about action delays and momentum.Press the jump key before the ledge. Not at the ledge, you noob.


And you can?t have the prince of Persia without the babes; or babe, rather. This is also one of the earliest attempts to digitize a woman?s curves. Don?t get us wrong. We loved it then as kids and we still love it now.

yeah baby



woo… shiny helmet graphics

The charm of Greek mythology was as potent back in the days as it is now. With a platformer like this, Gods probably allowed us to appreciate mythology more than history class.

In this game, players have to navigate through labyrinth after labyrinth of enemies and puzzles and of course, fight bosses in order to prove thyself within the hallowed halls of MS-DOS fame and glory. Don?t worry, you?re half naked and initially armed with an unlimited number of knives that you can throw. We have no idea where they come out of. What?s important is that they?re there and you need them to get through those hordes of monsters with different attack patterns and behaviors that you will have to adjust to.

Just where does he get ALL THOSE KNIVES??


Set aside a few hours on the Saturday or Sunday for some RNR with these old games. We guarantee it?ll make you feel younger. Not unless your three year old sees you playing and calls you old-fashioned. Then we really can?t help you out there.



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