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Goetia: Square Enix First Indie Game Under Collective Introduced, Release Date And Features Revealed

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Check out Square Enix?s first published game for the Collective

The company that brought us Final Fantasy is supporting the indie game scene with the release of their first supported game.

Collective is a project by Square Enix where they support indie game developers in launching their game, its goal is to provide awareness in their community where they can provide feedback and support any certain indie games that are under the Collective. Another interesting point is that Collective also supported certain number of Kickstarter campaigns, so far they managed to raise over $650,000.

Now at its second year, the Collective is now publishing their first supported game. Goetia was created by Sushee; which is based in France. The game is a puzzle solving, point-and-click game where you take control of a ghost. Though it is more than just a point and click game, as it focus heavily on the storyline with a touch of exploration.

You will lead young Abigail Blackwood, heir of an old English lineage, who passed away at the age of 12 and has now returned as a spirit, in spite of herself. You?ll follow the clues and explore the past to understand the last days of the Blackwood, and the reason why she?s back among the living.

Abigail?s quest won?t be restful: soon she?ll discover that other forces are at stake, and fight them. To do so, she?ll have to study an ancient occult culture called Goetia.

Goetia will be available in Steam on 2016 and Square Enix will be providing details as the release date draws near.

For 2015, they also revealed another Kickstarter campaign that they will be supporting. Pankapu from Too Kind Studio that is also based in France, the game is more of a colorful platform game, you can learn more from their Kickstarter page.

It is nice to see more large game publishers supporting the indie game community, we hope that in the future these games will become inspiration to more promising talents.

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