Godzilla 2 Rumors: Director, Launch Date, And Exciting New Monsters To Finally Give The Japanese-born Monster The Fight It Deserves!

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Godzira is making amends for destroying only one monster in its last movie and promises to obliterate more. Following up on the last Godzilla movie, audiences reacted to the film as it definitely lacked the monster mayhem expected of the story. With M.U.T.O.S. hogging all the view, there?s still pent-up energy inside of Godzilla to wreak havoc.

Complaints were heard by Legendary Studios and according to MovieNewsGuide.com, the company has decided to give fans exactly what they want for ?Godzilla 2? with confirmed appearances from fan favorite monsters which includes Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidora.

What M.U.T.O.S. lacked in the first movie may well be compensated by the fiery moves of Mothra.


Maybe King Ghidora can put a much needed royal touch in the sequel.


Legendary?s Barnaby Legg apparently heard the woes of the fans and addressed everyone not to worry. ?All I can say is stay tuned! You?re going to get exactly what you?re hoping for,? Legg said in an interview with DeadCentral.

According to DeadCentral, Max Borenstein will write the screenplay for the sequel, which Gareth Edwards will return to direct. Borenstein was in fact the writer of the first installment that revamped everybody?s awesome reptile friend. The website shared that Legendary Studios have saved June 8, 2018 for their launch period. On the other hand, Movie News Guide reported that the tentative launch date will be on July 22, 2018. But all the fans know is that whenever Legendary Studios feels like showing their movie, they better be sure that it has more monsters.

Quoting Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, ?Nature has an order, a power to restore balance.? And in hopes of creating a more awesome movie, maybe adding one more line to his speech is crucial. ?Nature has an order, a power to restore balance, and that is creating more monsters for Godzilla 2.?

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