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God of War Reboot News & Release Date; Production Almost Done, Game To Feature New Hero

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God of War reboot
God of War

The God of War franchise is easily one of the best games ever. God of War essentially helped shape the fast-paced action adventure genre. And with the franchise?s definitive ending in God of War III, many fans around the world were forced to close the book on the iconic game?s story and could only hope for a few more spinoffs afterwards.

This is why so many gamers went nuts last E3 2016 when Sony?s press conference announced the reboot of God of War on the PlayStation 4! And we?re glad to let you know that God of War Reboot production is almost done!

God of War Reboot Rough Draft

The new God of War reboot is set to reinvent the game?s lore. The former saga had Kratos fight of monsters and gods through Greek mythology. The reboot on the other hand will have a new hero (who closely resemble Kratos) take on the iconic characters of Norse mythology. The new take on the iconic game was well received considering it featured the game?s iconic fast-paced and gory play style, upgraded with the latest game physics and graphics.

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While anticipation for the God of War Reboot is great, the game still doesn?t have an official release date yet. However, the game should be coming out very soon. The game?s developers have recently pushed out a very intriguing update on the game?s production.

According to game director Cory Barlog, their team has already successfully gone through a completed playthrough of the whole game. This essentially means that all the hard parts of making the game is done, and the team may just need to do some last minute polishing before the game becomes ready for launch.

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And sure, a good amount of work is still needed to actually get everything in the game perfect. And Barlog himself still hasn?t given us any rough estimates on how long it would take for them to finish production.?Nonetheless, everyone is still being very hopeful. ?

As of now, everyone?s expecting it to?come out this coming 2017. Hopefully, it comes out sooner than anyone has anticipated. And that?s the latest news on the new upcoming God of War reboot.?

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Stay tuned the latest updates on God of War reboot.

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