God of War PS4 In Trouble? Sony Hiring Additional Help For The Game

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God of War PS4 is one of the most anticipated games coming to Sony’s current-gen console. The game is a huge departure from the series, but also takes some inspiration from The Last of Us, which is an interesting move to make. However, it was recently revealed that Sony Santa Monica is still looking for help with the game, which could mean that it’s in trouble, or it is a long way from being released.

The game studio tweeted put two available positions for the game: Lighting Artist and Senior Animator. It is somewhat interesting that these positions would be made available after the E3 trailer, rather than before, but life happens. Either way, it’s a promising job for any artist looking to make their name in the video game industry.

It seems like the Lighting Artist might be the more difficult job of the two available positions, as Sony wants someone who can make their game look atmospheric. The company even stated that they want this artist to help the PS4 stand out from the rest of the competition, so they might not want someone who will make their game look like an Xbox One or Wii U title, especially with a Sony exclusive like God of War PS4.

That’s not to say the Senior Animator will have it easy. PlayStation Lifestyle stated that this position might just be another cog in the animation team, but considering the game they are working on, every cog is ridiculously important. Animating by itself if already pretty hard, but with a game franchise as treasured as God of War, these artists are going to have to bring their A game.

Fans might be a bit worried about the game, since Sony is enlisting help after showcasing it. Will this delay the game, even though it doesn’t have an official release date yet? That remains to be seen, but the game might take longer to make, that’s for sure.

God of War PS4 will be an exclusive to Sony’s current-gen console when it comes out and is now set in Norse mythology. Fans that are in the mood to play the game can pick up God of War 3: Remastered, which is a polished up version of the PS3 classic. ?

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