God Of War PS4: Top 3 Drastic Changes Made By Sony Santa Monica

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The upcoming God of War PS4 game looks to be completely different from previous iterations. While combat is still a major focus, fans who have seen the E3 trailer know that the latest installment in the game series is going to be a different one, which is a smart move from the developers in Sony Santa Monica, since it prevents the series from becoming stale.

With no release date set yet, now seems like the perfect time to show just how different this game will be compared with the other titles in the series. The differences in this title are pretty major, so here are the top three things that will set this installment apart from the previous God of War games.


From what we saw in the E3 trailer, it’s clear that Kratos is now in Asgard. Not only that, but he also has a son as well, with some speculating that he might grow up to be Thor, while others think Kratos will die and the son will take his place in the game. Either way, it will be fun to kill Asgardian monsters this time, and it will be interesting to see how Kratos interacts with the other Gods.


Taking cues from The Last of Us, God of War PS4 will now have a third-person camera view. Previous games had an overhead view, so players could see the enemies Kratos has to kill while also admiring the scenery. Now that the camera has changed, it will be interesting to see if the combat feels just as meaty as it did on the PS2 and PS3 games.

Role Playing Elements

While previous God of War games did allow Kratos to level up a bit, the experience points were mostly used to power up special moves, along with the health and magic meters. From what we saw in the E3 demo, Kratos ? or his son ? can level up their archery skills, among other stats. This means that the new game will have more RPG elements than previous titles.

God of War PS4 has no release date yet, but fans can probably expect the game late next year.

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