God of War PS4: Sony Confirms Greek-Norse Mythology Set Game At E3 2016

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God of War

On its first show at E3, Sony showcased a new God of War entry, simply called ?God of War?. It featured the game?s famous perpetually angry protagonist Kratos in a calmer mood, and the game?s Greek and Norse mythology adventures were confirmed. Here?s what we ?know so far about the PS4 God Of War game.

The trailer shows a young child being called into a shack. A voice coming from a dark portion of the house asks the child to take his mother?s dagger as they?re going to hunt for food. To the excitement of fans, from the shadows, a fully bearded and less menacing Kratos was revealed, and he proceeds outside. The story continues as the child fails his training due to inexperience and the classic mythological creatures show up in the middle of their hunt.

The battles shown in the PS4 God of War game gave away the game?s mythological settings. During the battle, the large creature that Kratos fought mentioned something about ?Valhalla,? and Kratos used a move called ?Spartan Rage.? Both prove that the game will be grounded in both Norse and Greek mythologies. Previous rumors hinted Norse mythology in the upcoming God of War 2016, when it was still unconfirmed.

Kratos was known as an icon of rage and anger in the previous God of War entries. He fought with utmost shouting and violence as he heaved his blades around and finished off bosses in the gory quick time events. In the trailer of the upcoming game though, he was able to control his anger and even said ?Be Calm? to somebody else. Perhaps the PS4 God of War game will not only be a new installment to the series, but it will somewhat serve as a reboot by changing how gamers perceive Kratos.

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