God Of War PS4 Release Date In November Image Is Fake

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God Of War
Source: God of War – E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, an image of an E3 God Of War mural with an accompanying November release date surfaced online. However, this is false as the original image does not contain a date. Here’s what we know about this God of War PS4 release date issue.

E3 God of War Mural

Progress of a God of War mural for E3 2017 has been followed by its fans. The mural is now done and fans are seeing its complete image on Reddit. The mural simply features a box art-worthy image of the God of War characters featured on its gameplay trailer. Seen in the mural is a young boy and an aged version of God of War’s longtime protagonist, Kratos.

November Release?

However, a modified version of this mural shows an “available 11-28-2017” date, which easily translates to a November 28, 2017 release. This wasn’t seen in the screenshots supplied on MonkeyFlop’s image on Twitter. Potentially, the mural with a November release date could be photoshopped.

So far, we only have alleged leaks and rumors regarding the God of War PS4 release date. According to German retailer Spielegrotte, the hack-and-slash game will launch on January 2018.  Meanwhile, others believe the title will arrive in March, like all the other games in the series. Since Sony has yet to announce a release date, we’ll have to wait if we’ll see Sony Monica make the big reveal at Sony’s E3 2017 conference on June 12. Additionally, there’s an E3 Coliseum panel featuring a God of War PS4 presentation on June 13 at 11AM PT.

New God of War Story

So far, only few information about the new God of War’s story and overarching plot is known as of late. The previous E3 2016 God of War trailer features Kratos taking care of a young boy and teaching him how to hunt. Soon after, Kratos and the young boy meets a hostile creature that mentions something about the Norse mythology. The previous titles featured Kratos slaughtering every major deity in the Greek pantheon and other mythological creatures. However, he’s much mellow in this upcoming entry as he could control his rage to teach and guide a young boy to learn from his mistakes. Perhaps we’ll hear more of Kratos and the child’s circumstances in this title.

For now, fans should verify about seeing promotional images about E3’s upcoming title announcements. Revealing the release date earlier than the show could defeat the interest of some fans and players who want to watch it live. Stay updated with more God of War news here on The Bitbag.

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