God of War PS4: Logo Reveals Gods Kratos Will Kill?

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God of War PS4

Sony unveiled God of War PS4 at E3 2016 with a live demo trailer. The company has not shared any specific details regarding the release date of the upcoming action-adventure game. However, there have been many rumors regarding the game?s release, and one of them suggests that the release date is hidden in the game?s logo. It seems that the logo doesn?t reveal anything related to the game?s release, but it might contain some details on the gods that Kratos will kill.

After looking at the logo carefully, one can easily observe that it contains some cryptic details. The logo features eight different signs, and each of them seems to refer to the Norse gods. If it turns out to be true, it can be said that the logo revealed by the developer Santa Monica Studio has some hidden details about the gods. The logo features eight Runic alphabets which have different meanings, thanks to Indiannoob for the findings.

If the Runic alphabets are something to go by, the symbols refer to the Norse gods including the god Odin, the father of Thor. Another symbol seems to be associated to the most powerful Norse god, Freyr/Frey. Additionally, some of the Runic letters also represent gods Balder and Ullr and the goddesses Hel and Freya.

One of the symbols reportedly represents the huge monster Jormungand, which is said to be a serpent. According to rumors, God of War PS4 will feature a monster-like serpent in the game. If the cryptic symbols actually represent the gods, we can expect the game to feature this monster.

The new God of War PS4 game will also feature Kratos and his son on a journey. In the reveal trailer, Kratos can be seen teaching the art of war to his son. The previous game God of War 3 featured Greek gods, whom Kratos fought. In the new game, Sony has already confirmed that the characters will be inspired by Norse mythology.

Sony has not shared any official details about the gameplay, so it is better to take the speculations and rumors with a grain of salt. No release date has been set yet for the upcoming God of War PS4 game.

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