God of War PS4: Kratos Is Odin, Kid Is Thor?

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God of War PS4

Since Sony started its triumphant conference with God of War PS4, fans have been anticipating the game?s release and coming up with theories. As most fans know, the game takes place many years after God of War 3, with Kratos now living a seemingly quiet life with his unnamed son, but is there more to it than that?

There is plenty of speculation that Kratos will eventually become Odin, which means that his son will grow up to become Thor. Most of this comes from the fact that his son seems to possess some form of lightning power, which he uses once in the length gameplay demo. There?s also the fact that the game will now be taking on Norse mythology, which is a nice change of setting.

Considering the many twists and turns the God of War franchise has gone through ? including the laughable fact that a killer like Kratos ended up being hope all along ? it is not the craziest thing that could happen in the game. After all, the magnificent beard that Kratos has is somewhat similar to Odin?s, though that could also be the developer trying to make the character attractive since it worked for Ryu in Street Fighter 5.

A Twitter fan called 28 Greys Later also found a mysterious ghost hovering in the background of the demo. Many have speculated that it could be Loki.

Kotaku also uncovered a theory where the son of Kratos isn?t Thor, but Ullr the son of Sif. In Norse mythology, Ullr is a master archer and hunter, two things Kratos was teaching him in the God of War PS4 demonstration. It should also be noted that Sif was a hunter and that the father of Ullr was never uncovered, which makes Kratos the perfect candidate for the role.

For all we know, this could end up being an original story where Kratos remains Kratos in the end. Until God of War PS4 has a proper release date and more details, fans will continue to speculate, which isn?t a bad thing. The game currently has no release date yet, so it seems likely that it will come out in late 2017 or early 2018.

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