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God Of War PS4 Goes RPG

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One of the bigger reveals at Sony?s E3 2016 presentation is the next project of Santa Monica Studio, which is a reboot of the ever-popular God of War franchise. There?s a lot going on in the God of War PS4 title, and it?s a lot to digest. One of the newest features of the next game is its RPG elements.

The next God of War game was revealed in a gameplay trailer at E3 2016, and from it, we can see the progression system of the title. Like the Insights from Bloodborne, Kratos is rewarded with points if he discovers something. Specifically, he?ll be rewarded with Knowledge. We?ve yet to know what these points are for, but it?s likely that it?ll be used to upgrade Kratos and his son.

It?s possible that there will be other stats to take care of in the game since there may be a lot more features hidden in the full version of the God of War PS4. The game?s open-world also shows hints that there will be gathering and crafting thrown into the fray, but this has yet to be revealed by Santa Monica Studios.

So far, the game is shaping up to be a promising renewal of the famous franchise, although it strays far from its roots. Other features of the upcoming title include a seamless gaming experience, meaning there will be no loading screens or transitions whenever a cutscene occurs.

The game is not titled God of War 4 simply because it?s not a sequel. It will not take place in Greek Mythology but will instead place the new Kratos and his son near the doors of Valhalla. There may be more revealed about the game in the following months, including the release date and other gameplay details, so stay tuned here at The BitBag for more updates.

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