God Of War PS4 Release Date Might Be June 2017

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Back in June, Sony announced that a new God of War for PS4 is coming. However, developers have not released any update since then about the game?s development. As a result, gamers have been wanting to know more concrete details about the title.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, Sony revealed that God of War will have a new version soon. But it has been six months already and players have not seen any update yet. This have them thinking that the title will hit the stores late next year, instead of an early 2017 launch.

Luckily, game director Cory Barlog has already spoken through Twitter. He said, ?Just finished first full play through with the leads. Very exciting milestone for us.? This statement would definitely give the idea that the game is soon going to be ready.

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However, a demo of the new God of War may never be released, this according to rumors. It is because the developer previously mentioned that adding a demo will require additional time to develop the game. That will affect the release of the title and might even cause some delays. If a demo would not really arrive, then it would certainly disappoint the gamers across the globe.

On a good note, Barlog has previously announced that they will release a new video once the title is ready. He as well mentioned that this clip is going to show ?something really awesome.? Hopefully, this upcoming footage is enough to capture the interest of the players.

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With regards to the release of the game, the game director has not disclosed any details about it yet. There are speculations that it will arrive in mid-2017. But, since Barlog announced that they have finished a ?very exciting milestone? already, then an earlier release is possible.

How about you? When do you think the new God of War will hit the stores? What things do you expect in the game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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