God Of War PS4 Release In 2017 Possibly Confirmed By Kratos Voice Actor

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god of war ps4 release

A common question asked among the PlayStation community is when the God of War PS4 release will be announced. Ever since the game was revealed at E3, fans have been waiting for a release date. While it might not be out anytime soon, an actor’s Twitter page might have given fans a huge hint.

Christopher Judge revealed last year that he would be Kratos in the new PS4 iteration of the franchise. However, his Twitter page calls the game “God of War 2017,” which could mean that the game comes out this year. Of course, this could just be a working title, but one would assume that the actor knows when the game is coming out.

Asgardian God of War In 2017?

During the game’s debut trailer, fans deduced that the new game would have an Asgardian setting. There were even rumors about Kratos being Odin, or his son being Tyr, but the director has debunked the rumors last month as Kratos’ son is confirmed to be Atreus. Until we know the God of War PS4 release date, speculations will continue until the game finally comes out.

Should the game come out in 2017, that would make it quite a stacked year for Sony exclusives. Sony recently published Koei Tecmo’s Nioh as a PS4 exclusive and it has blown the minds of most fans. Add this month’s Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s clear that Sony has some of the best games this console generation. 

The Last Of Us vs God of War?

As fans patiently wait for the God of War PS4 release, it’s worth noting that the game took some cues from The Last of Us. Sure, the overall setting is different, but the camera angles and the family dynamic were clearly based on Naughty Dog’s masterpiece. Funnily enough, The Last of Us is also getting a sequel, though no gameplay has been shown as of this writing.

We won’t be seeing the sequel to The Last of Us this year, but will we be seeing the new God of War? For all we know, the actor might just be recording his lines for Kratos this year, hence the addition of 2017. Until more information is given, all fans can do is speculate until Sony gives fans a proper release date to sink our mouths into.

Fans shouldn’t expect a God of War PS4 release anytime soon. In the meantime, there is the remastered God of War 3 that fans can play on the PS4.

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