God of War PS4 Director Is Against Open World Game Design

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God of War PS4
Source: God of War – Be A Warrior: PS4 Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017 video

Sony creative director Cory Barlog talked his views against open world games in an interview. Barlog revealed that the upcoming God of War PS4 will be built in a way that still encourages exploration while still remaining as a linear game. Here’s what we know about the upcoming God of War game from Barlog.

Open World Doesn’t Assure Exploration

In an interview with Polygon, Barlog expressed his views about contemporary open world games nowadays: “I knew right away that I did not want to make an open-world game,” he says. “I did not want to make a game in which people felt like they were doing a checklist of things.”

So far, Barlog isn’t against open world’s large maps and contents but the activities that happen inside of it. The director hates that the players always have to deal with unnecessary side quests as they explore the vast open world. God of War PS4 is confirmed to not have sideq quests but it does reward players for going off the beaten path. 

“It’s the idea of seeing this little cave entrance off in the distance, boating over there, and actually going inside the cave, and coming out and seeing an entire level you never knew was there. It’s that feeling of being rewarded for your curiosity. It’s just huge. That’s why I play video games. It’s about existing in a world.” Barlog told Polygon.


In Touch With Its Past

The previous God of War games was an action platformer where Kratos goes on adventures in unique settings to fulfill his objectives. Players would find extra loot like more resources and character upgrades if they keep poking around the map. The new God of War may look different but at least it’s still in touch with the design of its previous games in its own way.

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