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God of War PS4 Uses Nordic Runes For Storytelling, Here’s How To Translate Them

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God of War PS4
Source: PlayStation® Live From E3 2017 | Day 1 video

The recent God of War PS4 discussion during the E3 Colliseum confirmed that Nordic runes will be used for the game’s exposition. This style fits the game’s setting but it’s still an old language that regular people barely use nowadays. Fortunately, few sites know how to translate them, which will be handy to have while playing God of War.

Nordic Runes

As confirmed by the God of War PS4 team at the E3 Coliseum, the game will have Nordic rune scrawling on walls and even on character tattoo’s as part of its storytelling. These will provide context to the game rather than being simple aesthetics. This storytelling technique makes God of War PS4 loyal to its setting. The game is set during the Viking era before they sailed up north.

Nobody Can Read Them At First Glance

Unlike Latin and English, Nordic runes was never used on an international level in any point of time. Most players will be left scratching their heads if they’re not taught how to read them beforehand. The developers hasn’t revealed a language compendium system similar to Final Fantasy 12’s Al Bhed dictionary collectibles or No Man’s Sky’s alien language obelisks. Unless there’s an in-game translation for all text scrawlings, translation programs on the internet would be the most viable way to understand these Nordic runes.

Translation Tools

Vikingrune’s site offers some translations which could help fans understand this old language better. However, typing runes found in God of War PS4 might require some guesswork as these rune translators only translate English-to-Nordic Rune. As far as efficient storytelling goes, players can read the game’s context clues and current mood to correctly guess what these runes mean without relying too much on translation. However, it still pays to know how to translate these runes as the developers can use unfamiliar languages to deliver a good plot twist to its audience.

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