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God of War PS4 Multiplayer Modes Are Unnecessary

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god of war ps4
Will there by multiplayer? [Image from PlayStation]

God of War PS4 is one of the most anticipated titles coming to Sony’s current-gen console, for obvious reasons. The series has always provided stellar combat and beautiful scenery, along with tons of gore, which has always piqued interests. One thing the game does not need is a forced multiplayer mode, something it has suffered from before.

TheWolfHall noticed a job hiring from Sony Santa Monica for a Senior Multiplayer Programmer, which is a bit worrisome. While the company could be working on a new IP with multiplayer components, it could be for Kratos’ latest adventure. Prior to this, they were looking for a Lighting Artist and Senior Animator. Here are three reasons why having a new multiplayer mode for the game feels tacked on and gimmicky.

Gameplay Doesn’t Fit A Multiplayer Setting

Thanks to a new camera, God of War PS4 feels more atmospheric than ever, clearly taking some tips from The Last of Us. While multiplayer worked on The Last of Us, that doesn’t mean it will work for the new God of War. First and foremost, The Last of Us is a shooter, so it’s more natural to design a multiplayer mode around it.

On the other hand, Kratos’ latest adventure is still a hack-and-slash action game, despite the camera angle. If the camera was more similar to For Honor or Diablo, multiplayer wouldn’t be a problem for the game. From what was seen in E3 2016, the game looks like it should only be for single-player.

It Didn’t Work Before

Sony Santa Monica made a number of God of War games, but only one of them had multiplayer: God of War Ascension. Most people consider it to be the worst in the series, thanks to uninspired weapons and the forced multiplayer. Players merely slashed each other Kratos-style in fairly basic multiplayer modes, which got boring really quickly for most fans.

Admittedly, most people wouldn’t call God of War Ascension a bad game, but it is the weakest of the series. The forced multiplayer played a part in that, along with the weak selection of alternate weapons that were in the game.

They Promised No Multiplayer

During an interview that was translated by Game Transfers, the developers promised that God of War PS4 would be single-player only. Gamers don’t like it when people go back on promises, especially if it adds something unecesarry to the title. This might just be a rumor, but no one wants to see an online multiplayer function for the latest deity blood bath.

No release date has been revealed for the game, though it could be coming out this year. In the meantime, fans have the God of War 3 HD remaster to enjoy.

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