God Of War PS4: Kratos’ Son Is Possibly Tyr

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Ever since it was shown in E3, God of War PS4 has been a hot topic discussion. While the video did show a new Asgardian setting and a different camera angle, not much else was revealed. A common discussion amongst fans includes a possible bait and switch where Kratos dies and his son becomes the lead.

This fan on NeoGAF recently did some research, and that aforementioned discussion looks more realistic now. Apparently, the son isn?t likely Thor or Odin but Tyr the Asgardian God of War. If this ends up becoming true, the rebooted name will feel more fitting even if it is an official sequel.

Tyr: Ragnarok

It seems like there?s more clues to the son being Tyr than originally imagined in God of War PS4. The previously mentioned fan noticed that the marks in his arm has his name on it, which is a big clue. Also, the rune symbol of Tyr is used to command Kratos? son in the demo, which is another huge hint.

With all of this evidence, it really seems like the son of Kratos is the Asgardian God of War. This will lead to a number of very interesting possibilities, if it?s true. After all, fans of the original games know that Kratos was a father before he became a ruthless killer.

The Last Of Us? (Of War?)

PlayStation fans quickly noticed the Last of Us-style camera angle God of War PS4 has adopted. If this game is anything like The Last of Us, it?s always possible for the developers to kill his son in the beginning. Honestly, it?s not a likely possibility, but the company might invest more in Kratos rather than a new character.

Unless Sony finds a way to make Kratos interesting, it might be in their best interest to kill him and have Tyr take the lead. Most fans feel like his arc ended in God of War 3, and having his son be a playable character will make the series feel fresh.

God of War PS4 does not have a release date as of this writing, but it will be a PS4 exclusive. Sony released a remastered version of God of War 3 on PS4 to keep fans busy.

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