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God of War PS4: Director Reveals Why They Ditched The Blades Of Chaos

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No more Blades of Chaos. [Image from PlayStation YouTube channel]

When God of War PS4 was first shown, fans were surprised to see Kratos using an axe and a bow. Fast forward to this year’s E3, and we see that the character now has a throwing axe and a shield. It has made fans wonder where the Blades of Chaos has gone, to the point that the director was questioned.

During the E3 Coliseum segment, game director Cory Balrog was asked about the weapons Kratos uses in the new game. He stated that he wanted to rip the series apart and build it from scratch, so it would feel new. It’s a fairly interesting answer, especially since most gaming franchises tend to stay the same, with a few tweaks.

God of Change?

Pretty much everything about God of War PS4 is different from the previous games, especially with the Asgardian setting. The fourth game shocked everyone in a good way when it was revealed, with a new camera angle and combat. We now know this was intentional, which makes the game much more interesting than it already was before.

Of course, the developers in Sony Santa Monica didn’t want to make it feel new for the sake of new. From the interview, it’s clear that the company was trying to get a good feel for the new mythology, when Midgard was accessible by their gods. Having weapons that fit the feel of the mythology should make it a worthwhile title for interested fans.

New But Familiar

Despite the amount of new things shown, God of War PS4 is still worthy of the series’ name. From the footage seen thus far, combat looks just as fun even with a different camera angle, with even more brutality. The game is slated for an early 2018 release, so fans should check it out when it is released.

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