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God of War: Collection to give PS Vita gamers an action-adventure experience very soon

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Great news for PS Vita gamers as Sony announced the coming of God of War: Collection to the handheld console ? PS Vita – very soon.

The God of War: Collection franchise is exclusive to Sony?s PlayStation platform but starting May 6 it will be available to PS Vita at $29.99, reports revealed.

God of War: Collection by Sony Computer Entertainment will let gamers experience the dark world of Ancient Greece through Kratos, a brutal warrior who is determined to murder the God of War.

God of War: Collection will include the following:

  1. God of War I and II on one Blu-ray disc
  2. Remastered at a resolution of 720p
  3. Anti-aliased graphics for 60 frames per second gameplay
  4. Full PlayStation Network (PSN) Trophies Support for each Title

Rated 9.5 out of 10 by game informer, God of War: Collection is expected to give PS Vita gamers the chance to experience action-adventure video game series based on Greek mythology.

With PS Vita?s dual analog sticks designed for a more precision control, gamers are expected to experience life with Kratos, a warrior tricked into killing his wife and child by his former master – the God of War Ares.

PS Vita gamers will be thrilled to go with Kratos as he tries to free himself from the influences of the gods and Titans, ?and take revenge.

“The PS Vita system brings the greatness of PlayStation? to your digital lifestyle with a stunning 5? OLED touch screen and dual analog sticks. Over 900 games available for download on the PS Vita through PSNSM including new hits, indie titles, PS one? Classics, and PS Mobile games. With remote play you can play a range of PS4? games on your PS Vita system,” Sony said in Vita’s official website.

God of War: Collection will form part of the growing library of games of PS Vita like:

  1. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
  2. wipEout? 2048
  3. Tearaway?
  4. Ys: Memories of Celceta
  5. Killzone? Mercenary

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