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Whats up gamers!! I hope you all had a good holiday break and I wish you all the best of luck as we start this new year.

As many of you may know I have been hard at work trying to dig up all I can on God Of War 3 for you but Sony has been keeping this title extremely close to the chest. HipHop Gamer has been able to bring you guys more info than on most sites as of right now but I have some news you may or may not already know. As of three days ago Jeff Rubinstein from the Sony blog confirmed that the embargo will be lifted in two weeks time which puts the day of reckoning as January 18, 2010. I’m going to call this day G-Day. The day that all hell break lose!!! Let’s lose the chains of Olympus and bring the God Of War!!!!!….Sorry about that guys. I got carried away there for a moment. We all by know have seen the the three videos that Hiphop has put out thus far and even though some may say he’s exaggerating about what he saw it seems that he is not alone. Many, Many developers and media alike have expressed the same thing. Just to give you a scope of things there was three mock poll done back in December asking gamers what game do they think will be game of the year for 2010. All the gamers said GOW3. I would have to hold judgment on that because the year just got started and we have not seen all of the games yet but I can say with the utmost confidence that this will be one of the standouts as the year progress.

Since this past summer at E3 since the game has been shown it has shown up on many wed sites and TV shows. Back in December G4TV did an “X-Play” show called one big demo. The Demo was God Of War 3. Stig Assmuson, Director On GOW3, went into detail about GOW3 and what we may be able to expect from the game. Check it out if you have not seen it already.

I know that many of you are asking how does the game play and how does it look. Well if you already have the demo then you know what it feels like….Dam Good. But if you are one of those gamers that have yet to experience it yet then I would urge you to pick up the GOW collection and download the demo ASAP. As far as what I know right now the game will play in 1080p and will move at 60fps and the game itself sounds amazing. I will leave a link at the end of this article just so you can get a taste of it. I got chills just listening to it. Like you all I can’t wait to see and play this game. Yes, my eyes have been forbidden to see this game until the embargo is up. DAMM!!!! lol. Let me know how you feel about this up coming epic game and leave your comments as to how you feel about it. Here is the link for the sound as promised.

Congrats to Carlos Harper!! He got he question right. What were the names Of the 5 Gods at the end of GOW2? He answered :helios, zues,? hermes, hades and posiedon

As always take care and God Bless.

Excuse me Sir? Can I use your time machine? I need to go to January 18, 2010…….NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Update: If you all want a GOW3 PS3 let you voice be heard!!! Go to and post you comments in the community section of the site. If we want we must speak up!!!!!!!

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