Goblin Korean Drama To Have An American Remake

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Goblin Korean Drama

After the hit Korean Drama Goblin took over the local and international scenes, rumor has it that the TV Series will have an American Remake.

Fans of Goblin can testify that the storyline of the TV series is something unusual. As per International Business Times, the rare content of Goblin is the main reason why some producers are looking into a possibility of an American franchise.

Being a hit series that Goblin already is, there are chances that Hollywood producers won?t turn the offer down. Plus, viewers will probably look forward to the American version for comparison. But is now the best time for the fans to keep their hopes up?

Goblin Korean Drama Storyline

For those who haven?t watched Goblin, the story revolves around the main character, Kim Shin, who was an undefeated general in wars.

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Because of his success, the young King grows a feeling of jealousy over Kim Shin and slays him. But of course, Kim Shin comes back to life, but this time as a Goblin (Dokkaebi) and immediately became an immortal.

Goblin Korean Drama

Kim Shin thought at first the being an immortal was a good thing, but he later realized that it wasn?t. So, to end his miserable life as an immortal, he has to find a bride. In his years of being alive, he saved a pregnant woman who was about to die.

The woman gave birth to Ji Eun-Tak, who, on the other hand, was able to hear and see ghosts. Ji Eun-Tak, in her mother?s death was able to come face-to-face with the Grim Reaper.

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As she grows older, she was still able to see and hear ghosts whispering to her the words ?Dokkaebi?s bride. Ji Eun-Tak and Kim Shin later crossed paths, and the story goes from there.

American Remake confirmed?

Despite the claims of various websites, and of course, the demand of the fans of Goblin, there hasn?t been any official confirmation about the American Remake of the show. However, there are rumors that Keanu Reeves will play the role of Kim Shin, if the remake does push through.

So far, the Korean Drama Goblin has outperformed the Korean hit series ?The Legend Of The Blue Sea,? and was even able to double the rating score of the show.

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