Goblin Korean Drama to Get Hollywood Movie Remake? Keanu Reeves Tapped to Play Goblin?

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Goblin has become one of the best K-dramas of the year in its own right. And it appears that with its great success, it has now caught the attention of big Hollywood producers. You read that right, it looks like there may just be a chance that we might see a Hollywood Movie Remake of the great Korean Drama, with Keanu Reeves to play?Gong Yoo’s character.

The Story

Speculation is spreading that Goblin is set to get a big Hollywood movie remake due to its great overall success. It?s also being speculated that Keanu Reeves is one of the top choices to play Gong Yoo?s character.

First off, we need to point out that these are all just rumors at this point. Wild, hopeful, and awesome rumors being brought to life on different forums on the net. But although there is no real backing to the story (yet), it?s not such a long shot.

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We need to remember that Hollywood?s done it before. Specifically they remade the popular 2011 South Korean romantic-comedy, My Sassy Girl back in 2008. Goblin actually has enough of a strong global fan following to justify a big budget Hollywood reprisal.

Just recently, the K-drama?has officially taken the lead from The Legend of the Blue Sea. No one could have predicted this, mainly due to the fact that Lee Min-ho?s starring in the series.

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But then again, no one could have also predicted just how awesome Goblin?s story turned out to be. It also helped that the series? main star is Gong Yoo. He may not be as popular as Lee Min-ho in general, but with his work on Train to Busan, he is undoubtedly one of the most popular Korean actors of the year. A great story featuring one of the most popular and talented actors of the year, Goblin clearly has an edge.

So to sum everything up, it?s very plausible for Hollywood to make a movie remake of Goblin due to its great popularity, and versatile story. We also see the rationale of casting Keanu Reeves due to the show?s historical?themes. But we?re pretty iffy on the later, we think Hollywood might just get a fresh face to play Gong Yoo.

What do you guys think? Will we see a Hollywood remake of Goblin anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

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