Goblin Kdrama Hits Record Ratings On Ep 6 Amid Lead Cast Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun Age Gap Issues

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Goblin Kdrama reached its highest ratings to date following an eventful episode 6. The TVN series? viewership rose amid issues thrown at cast members Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

In the latest data released by Nielsen Korea over the weekend, the fantasy-drama got 12.9% audience share. Aside from TV ratings, the show has been topping Content Power Index (CPI) charts for weeks. CPI measures the buzz generated by a program via social media, TV reports, and other avenues.

Much-awaited fast forward

The ratings surge took place as Goblin episode 6 finally showed a time hop to present day.

Kim Go Eun?s character, Eun Tak, is no longer an innocent high-schooler, but a 29-year-old professional. Fans gushed when she and the titular character met again.

The immortality of Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) caused him to still look the exact same way he did when they first met. Those who follow the show would know that the male protagonist was once an ancient warrior. After killing a king 900 years ago, he was sentenced to live forever until he experiences love from a human. This quest eventually led him to Eun Tak, who is actually his future bride.


Screenshot from TVN Youtube channel

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Goblin Kdrama episode 6 highlights

A memorable scene in Goblin Kdrama?s last episode was when Eun Tak tried to remove a sword from Kim Shin?s chest. The said weapon is believed to be the one that is causing him to live forever.

Not knowing what would happen once the sword is removed, the male lead poured out his feelings for his love. ?The time I spent with you were all wonderful – the good, bad, short… I liked all of them,? he confessed.

Kim Shin also assured her that whatever happens will not be her fault. After saying this, Eun Tak tried to pull out the glowing sword – but failed.

The confused human then talked about how fairy tales usually break curses with one secret. She then pulled the goblin and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

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Over the initial cast issues

Many fans went to social media to commend the chemistry of Goblin Kdrama?s cast members.

It is likely that viewers appreciate their love team more now that the plot has progressed to present-day. This means that Eun Tak is no longer a minor who seemingly chased a man who is over 10 years older than her.

As for Kim Shin, his romantic lines were no longer creepy because his leading lady was finally an adult woman. Some of their scenarios from earlier episodes were criticized heavily as it seemingly encouraged ?pedophilic? relationships.

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