Goblin KDrama Ep 3 Spoilers: Gong Yoo Of Train To Busan Stands Out, Lee Min Ho?s Legend Of The Blue Sea In Trouble?

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Gong Yoo of ‘Train To Busan’ [Photo: Tune Media]

Goblin Korean drama episode 3 will be airing tonight and speculations are rife about what will happen next. With so much attention surrounding Train to Busan?s Gong Yoo, the focus will reportedly now shift to his cast members.

Last week?s debut episodes showed the undeniable chemistry of its male protagonist and Kim Go Eun. Viewers gushed over how well they looked together, especially when the latter confessed her feelings for the lead star.

Goblin Korean drama episode 3 spoilers

The TVN series is expected to get more thrilling with the introduction of a new storyline. This time, it will focus on Goblin Korean drama?s supporting cast members Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. The two play the Grim Reaper and Sunny respectively. ?


Image from Goblin’s AsianWiki page

A spoiler that has been circulating online claims that Grim Reaper is possibly the king and Sunny is the queen. Fans pointed out that the face of the dead king was noticeably avoided in the previous episode. This has fueled rumors that it will eventually be shown to reveal Dong Wook as the grown up version.

Moreover, he will also allegedly regret killing Kim Shin, Gong Yoo?s character. He is the brother of the dead queen, who some claim got reincarnated after she passed away.

Fans will get to confirm if these theories are true when Goblin Korean drama airs on TVN this Friday and Saturday evening.

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Competing with Lee Min Ho?s Legend of the Blue Sea

In related news, the new show is reportedly on the top spot of the ?TV Hot Issue? section for K-dramas. This tally is computed based on the publicity and social media buzz generated by shows and movies.

According to MobileNApps, Goblin Kdrama gathered 7,449 points with its premiere episodes last week.

The rating is almost two times more than the 4,315 points of the previous first placer, Lee Min Ho?s Legend of the Blue Sea.

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Train to Busan?s Gong Yoo

The early success of Goblin has been attributed to its plot, cinematography and overall entertainment value.

However, it is possible that people got curious over the new series due to Gong Yoo. The lead star has practically become an overnight sensation after he played the main character in Train to Busan. The zombie thriller has become one of 2016?s biggest movies not just in Asia, but all over the world.

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