Goblin KDrama Cast Lead Gong Yoo The New Song Joong Ki: Endorsements Lined Up For ‘Train To Busan’ Star

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Goblin Korean drama?s lead cast member Gong Yoo is on a roll with the success of his new TV series. The Train to Busan star is reportedly getting a lot of endorsement offers, dubbing him as the new Song Joong Ki.

The 37-year-old actor stars in the new TVN series, which debuted to high ratings. The show also currently tops CPI charts, which computes the social media and media buzz that a project generates.

Endorsement offers after Goblin Korean drama

The early success of Goblin Korean drama was reportedly noticed by advertisers. An insider told All Kpop that around 50 companies have expressed their interest in getting Gong Yoo as an endorser. This was allegedly just after the series premiere, as more brands contacted him following the second episode.


Source: Google free images and KBS Youtube channel

At present, the matinee idol is the brand ambassador of 9 different companies. Gong Yoo?s endorsements range from products such as coffee, clothing, cosmetics, cars, and much more.

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Original choice for Descendants of the Sun?

Prior to becoming a part of Goblin Korean drama?s cast, Gong Yoo became popular worldwide due to Train to Busan. He played the lead star in the hit zombie thriller, which has become one of 2016?s biggest films.

Moreover, it was revealed that his decision to join the movie coincided with an offer for a major TV project.

According to Yahoo, the series that he turned out was apparently Descendants of the Sun. The hit wartime K-drama enjoyed phenomenal global success and ended with record ratings last April.

Song Joong Ki eventually ended up playing the famed role of Captain Yoo Shi Jin. The 31-year-old heartthrob has become one of Korea?s most popular stars since then.

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Gong Yoo ?feeling too special??

However, Gong Yoo was supposedly really the top choice of head writer Kim Eun Sook.

Aside from Descendants of the Sun, the actor also rejected other TV dramas for the last five years. Gong Yoo explained this during a recent press event amid nasty accusations that he ?feels special? about being chased for projects.

?I rejected previous offers because I was afraid about shooting a drama,? he said.

Gong Yoo detailed that producing a TV series usually results to lack of time. ?We always work under the pressure of time limitation,? he pointed out, saying it is contrary to how he ?wants to give his best? in every role.

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