Goblin K-Drama Speculation: Who Is The Grim Reaper? This Speculation Is So Bizarre It Could Be True

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Korean Drama Goblin is still enjoying high rankings on TV, and currently has surpassed The Legend of the Blue Sea. Gong Yoo is excellent as the Goblin trying to fight feelings for his young bride. Cursed to live an immortal life and never forgetting the pain of the lifetimes he has had to endure, he has been looking for his?bride who will put an end to his eternal torture.

Unfortunately, since he met Eun Tak, a high schooler who?s soul he has saved years ago, he has been confused about wanting to finally die or wanting to happily live. After 938 years on earth, he finally feels happy because of the presence of the feisty Goblin bride.

Another aspect of the K-Drama that has fans hooked is the Grim Reaper?s storyline. For now, the budding romance between the Goblin and his bride still feels a bit awkward?because of the obvious age gap between them. Therefore, fans have been getting their romance fix from the Grim Reaper and Sunny. Both?have yet to reveal their true relationship in accordance with the past.

A popular speculation among fans is that the Grim Reaper is actually the young king who has ordered all of Kim Shin?s kin to be killed. If so, this theory would?make Sunny the reincarnation of the young queen, who was killed by an arrow shot through her heart.

Interestingly, one fan from a discussion group in KoreanDrama.org says that a gender reversal may have happened during reincarnation. This would mean that Wang Yeo (the Grim Reaper) could actually be the young queen?s reincarnation.

This would explain why the Grim Reaper suddenly cried when he saw the young queen’s jade ring among the trinkets being sold on the street. Meanwhile, fans are also speculating that Sunny is the young king?s reincarnation, given her arrogant and bratty attitude.

This speculation is so bizarre, but it could actually be true. If so, this big twist only adds to the brilliant storyline that writer Kim Eun Sook has concocted.

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