Goblin Ep 4 Recap: Eun Tak Threatens to Take Out Sword; Goblin Soundtrack Download Link Appears Online

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Goblin Ep 4 Recap

In the latest Goblin Ep 4 recap, Ji Eun Tak finally reveals that she can see the sword plunged through the Goblin?s (Kim Shin) heart. This means that Kim Shin can finally leave his eternal life cycles, and die. However, he is feeling desolate and confused about the sudden turn of events.

Kim Shin has started to develop feelings for his bride, but hasn?t acknowledged it yet. It looks like he wants to live longer in the world now that he has found her. Eun Tak on the other hand, is willing to fulfill her duties as the Goblin?s bride. Initially, she had asked him for $5000. However, when she saw where he lives, she decided that it is the perfect place to have kids. She doesn?t know exactly that her only role for the Goblin is to deliver him from his immortal life.

Goblin Ep 4 Recap: Grim Reaper in Tears

Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper is going through his own issues. While the Goblin lives an immortal life punished with memories of his past, the Grim Reaper is immortal, but can?t remember his past. He?s still wondering why Sunny, a lady he met on the street, could illicit strong emotions from him.

Goblin has consistently topped ratings since its premiere. It has even kicked Lee Min Ho?s ?The Legend of the Blue Sea? from the top spot. Goblin Star Gong Yoo has reclaimed star status, as several advertisers are reportedly going after him to represent their brand.

Goblin Soundtrack in demand

Another good thing about the new Korean drama is the presence of another star, Lee Dong Wook. Surprisingly, contrary to the usual Korean drama formula of having 2 leading men, with one losing to the bigger star, Dong Wook holds his own and would apparently get his own love arc. This is refreshing as audience would stop rooting for one guy over the other to end up with the female lead.

Music also makes the new drama stand out. Each episode is like a movie, with its fantastic cinematography and scenery. The Goblin soundtrack has been made available online. As the official soundtrack has not yet been released, a fan has uploaded 3 songs that can be downloaded. The three popular songs are: Stay with Me, Visible Only to My Eyes, and Hush.

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