Goat Simulator Gets Multiplayer and More on Latest Patch

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Hailed as the worlds ?dumbest game?. Goat Simulator receives some love by getting another patch that includes a host of new features, with Multiplayer mode being one of them.

Coffee Stain Studios recently announced the 1.1 patch for Goat Simulator on PC. It will be around on June 3. These updates will cover a lot of changes in the gameplay base mechanics and looks. It will also introduce new goats, new maps, and the much requested multiplayer mode.

This was supposed to be a May release patch, but Coffee Stain stated that they needed the extra time to make sure that everything went well according to the original plan to surprise the customers. It is also to ensure that the ?new? map is better than the original one, by miles. The patch is going to be free to download. It includes the following:

  • A new playable map that’s about the size of the old map.
  • Local split screen multiplayer for up to four players / goats.
  • The ability to wall-run and balance on your front legs.
  • The ability to ride bicycles and skateboards.
  • New playable goats like “Tornado Goat,” “Shopping Goat,” “Classy Goat,” and “Repulsive Goat.”
  • Various optimizations, achievements, and “all kinds of other cool jazz.”


Funny though, because not a single bug in the game was ?fixed? literally. They were left out in the update for reasons that only fans of Goat Simulator would understand. After all, the game is all about awkward fun and various bugs play a key role to achieve this experience.


Goat Simulator was originally launched last April 1 (April Fools Day, of course) and it was available for $10. It featured a Goat who happens to wander around a suburban place , with unsuspecting residents, unaware of the psychotic (this depends on the player, really) goat?s presence. The game doesn?t have any real story and all you have to do is pretty much wander around and do certain actions or tasks to obtain your ?achievements?.


Image Source:Facebook (Coffee Stain Studios)

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