Go Pro with the New League of Legends Scholarship Offered by US University

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For many years, one of the many reasons why students miss classes is because of their intense addiction to video games. Though there are many studies that say playing video games enhances your brain development and makes you smarter, it doesn?t give you better grades if it is the reason why you miss your class. As a result, it is harder to convince people, especially parents, that video games are not enemies.

Playing video games is, in fact, enjoyable. You won?t be attached to anything if it doesn?t give you anything in return. Most video games that students are playing are MMO?s or Massive Multiplayer Online games such as DoTA2, Heroes of Newerth, and League of Legends. These games sometimes became the way for some students to socialize and in time, it is more difficult for them to detach from it.

For some time, video games have successfully changed into something more competitive. Online Tournaments have been rampant and players are given big rewards for their awesome performance. Playing games is so mainstream, that it became one of the reasons why consoles and PC?s sales are sky-rocketing in the market today. In fact, you can never deny that playing games can also be a profession.

But even with those achievements that playing games provide, all those facts, and students who were rallying to make a point that those video games aren?t as bad as parents think; somebody suddenly provided an opportunity for their cause to happen.

A University in the US feels the need to change the perspective of people towards video games and offered something that gamers would totally dig. Robert Morris University in Illinois offered a college scholarship for those students who have what it takes to be a Professional League of Legends Player. This bold step that Robert Morris University took made them the very first university who took eSports as a serious business and add it to the roster of its athletic programs.

There are a total of 103 institutions, over 750 schools in 46 states in the US only and 8 provinces in Canada that are participating in a League of Legends High School Starleague. And it is about time gamer?s bags are packed, head straight to Illinois and go make a daddy proud.

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