GO Against the Flow: GO Launcher Ex and the Drive for Individuality

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Most people do have designs for setting themselves as a cut above the rest. As they say, ?dead fish swim with the current? and setting yourself apart is a good sign that you are in touch with your identity. This extends in all facets of a person?s life; his choices, his clothing, even his accessories. A smartphone can be an accessory, and thus, it is only natural for a person to strive to extend his individuality even on his phone. This is the main purpose why apps are in the market that aims to answer this need.

Smartphones aren?t lacking in design aesthetics that do set them apart from each other. Each brand?Apple, Samsung, Sony Xperia, or Nokia?have designs that make it easy to set them apart from each other. Samsung?s distinctive white front and faux leather back, for instance, makes it easy to distinguish it?s a Samsung. Sony Xperia?s sleek, curved design, as well as its glass back and front, make it easy for people to distinguish that it?s Xperia.

However, one thing that they do share in common is the user interface, or the UI. Try as they might to separate themselves, they all use the same OS, save for Apple, of course. Whatever phone you may have, Android OS has the same drab look that, in the end, makes each phone look similar to each other. Here, we explore the many options of customization that Android allows, one of them being the installation of a custom launcher such as the GO Launcher Ex.

A launcher is the home screen and the app drawer combined, and this is usually designed generically in the same theme Android ships out from the release of the OS. A UI like this is usually what you would call ?stock?. However, once you can, you may download ?launchers?. These are apps which help ?change the way your phone looks, according to your own specifications, and according to your own taste. There are a lot of launchers available for download, and most of them are free. But in a recent poll, the top of the pops, so to speak, is the GO Launcher Ex.

So what sets GO Launcher Ex apart from the other launchers in discussion? Aside from the superiority of their homescree animations, docks, and other features, GO Launcher Ex also has a lot of other apps that are highly synchronized with their launcher. The same drab look does not have to accompany you everywhere you go, what with the availability of dozens of themes, some of which are integrated even with the app upon installation.

Aesthetically speaking, even with the stock options, GO Launcher Ex is a beauty to look at. The way they integrated boxing into each app icon makes your phone look uncluttered and neat upon installation. There is also an option for you to get your apps segregated into folders, each named according to their default category. Ease of customization is one of the major draws of this app, and this is why it has thus far remained as one of, if not the, top choices for a UI launcher.

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