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Gmail Offers Image – Heavy Grid Option in Viewing Promotional Emails

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Gmail takes out an idea from the Pinterest playbook by using it on its Promotions tab. This means doing infinite scrolling of large graphics on the promotions section of the email. Last year, Google made some changes in Gmail by presenting a more organized inbox with a set of folders that separates messages according to categories. This recent transformation allows users to choose between the new grid view feature or the list view.

How it Works


Promotional messages such as offers and deals, like the ones you get from Etsy, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, eBay and others, you still have a choice between seeing them in an image ? heavy grid view or in the regular inbox list view. Users can control how their emails would show up in the new Promotions folder. To do this, they must implement schemas into the HTML for each email. The Developer site has all the Gmail details, including the code samples.

This code allows users to modify the featured image that represents every message on grid view in the Promotions tab. Users can use image files, such as PNG, GIF or JPEG. Animated GIFs, however, will be presented as static. For messages that were not modified to have a specific code, Gmail will determine which image file from your account should be featured using an algorithm.

Do not worry about adjusting to the new changes. The subject line and sender name will still appear, but the grid view only allows to display up to 20 characters for the sender name. The subject line can accommodate up to 75 characters. The sender?s image will be taken by Gmail from your Google+ profile. If you still have not created an account, this could be your motivation to start.

Trial Phase

The new Promotions folder on your Gmail is still in its trial phase. This means that this could only affect its power users. The design could change once Gmail has already rolled it out to all its users, which means that some elements could disappear. While there is no certainty to the implementation of this feature, it is still best for Gmail users to prepare for this possibility.

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