Gmail App For Android Gets Updated: New Features To Be Enjoyed By The App’s One Billion-Strong Users

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Gmail for Android

Last week, Google?s Senior Vice President for Android Sundar Pichai announced that Gmail for Android exceeded the one billion-downloads bracket in Google Play Store. It is the first smartphone app to obtain that number of installations on Android devices. Following this amazing milestone, Google has just released a new version of the app that brings a set of new features that will make users love Google?s standalone email app even more.

The new version 4.8 of Google for Android offers refreshing user interface (UI) updates, cloud storage integration, and language support. Let us first tackle the app?s UI twists. Prior to this update, only a blue, ?loading? animation is shown when you try to refresh your inbox by swiping downwards. Now, upon refreshing your mailbox a cycle of blue, yellow, red, and green animation will appear, reflecting Google?s brand colors. You will also notice that the length of swipe needed to trigger a refresh has been shortened.

Gmail for Android now offers a more visual account switcher. In the earlier version, when you need to switch to your other Gmail accounts you need to swipe from the left, then you will see just the name of your other accounts. In this updated version, an avatar or profile image is also shown alongside the name of the account. Friendlier messages are also displayed when you go to a folder with no content. For instance, when you clear out your Trash folder it will display a message that reads ?No trash here. Thanks for recycling!? and when you delete all contents from your Spam folder a ?Hooray, no spam here!? note will appear. These friendly remarks also come with simple, adorable graphics. Previously, when you empty out those folders only a ?No conversations? memo will be displayed.

One important improvement that this version 4.8 will provide is the ability to save attachments directly to Google Drive. This particular feature is practical since you now have the option to save attached files in cloud storage instead of downloading them to your phone?s local memory, thus saving precious storage space. Another big enhancement to the Gmail for Android app is its improved right-to-left (RTL) language support. This is handy to those who speak languages like Persian, Arabic & Hebrew and have chosen to use the native-language version of Gmail.


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