Glip Productivity Platform App Launched by Team Who Created Multiply

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Glip Productivity Platform App Launched by Team Who Created Multiply

Remember Multiply?

Before Facebook, Etsy and other social and business networking sites, Multiply was a leading social news feed in many countries around the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Founded by Peter Pezaris in 2003, was a forerunner in the online social networking system (like Facebook etc…), that is now a mainstream tool for personal and business communication for more than 2 billion people globally.

As many tech businesses discovered, sustaining ?first in the market? advantages in the fast paced and highly competitive internet world is very difficult, and Multiply became one of the victims of the rise and dominance of Facebook, Google +, and other social networking sites.

However, the Multiply team is not one to give up on its dream to provide what it calls ?disruptive innovation? to the world wide web. From Peter Pezaris ?comes a new business communication and networking platform called Glip.

In an email from Pezaris himself to former Multiply users, he calls on those who liked Multiply to try Glip (the actual subject read ?If you liked Multiply, try Glip?).

According to Pezaris, what makes Glip a cut above other social business networking platforms, is its built in productivity tools.


Based on the email, Glip will keep you and your ?team? busy with activities using the following features of the Glip Productivity Tools:

  • Ease of use.
  • Real time text chat
  • Real time video chat
  • File sharing
  • Task management
  • Meeting and Event planner

Glip boasts that it provides all these tools in a single app. Glip adds that you can use all these tools without leaving a conversation with your social network or team.

Still not convinced to try Glip?

(Here’s more, but if you prefer to watch the video, scroll down)

In the promotional email, Pezaris claims that Glip will prove to be an invaluable business tool by connecting you and your team in real time which means getting things done easier and faster. He adds that there will be no need to email each other which means less clutter in your inbox.

Glip is not free (although there is a 14 day free trial). It is not expensive to use, however, at US$ 5 dollars a month, per company / user or US$ 50 dollars a year, per company user. This means that other team members don’t need a separate Glip account, and that will translate to savings of US$ 50 dollars a year per team member.

What will the US% 5 dollar fee give you?

  • A video conferencing tool which can accommodate a whopping 100 participants
  • Unlimited file storage
  • A powerful task management tool
  • Unlimited file transfers

These, according to Pezaris, and many more.

To know more about Glip, do watch the video below provided by the Glip Team and YouTube:

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