Slow down hair regrowth in your underarms while keeping the odor at bay

This hair-inhibiting roller deodorant has a long-lasting smell, keeping you fresh day and night

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Wearing sleeveless tops can sometimes be a difficulty, especially for someone who worries over fast-growing hair. Nine out of ten times, issues like these will send you shaving or not wearing the new dress you just bought. But since you are here, let me share one hack that’ll boost your confidence forever.

Do you want to know what it is? Here’s Alleyoop Slow Your Roll deodorant, your all-time solution to fast-growing armpit hair!

What is Alleyoop?

Alleyoop came up with the idea of creating the Slow Your Roll deodorant, intending to help women deal with underarm hair. This roller is far from the casual deodorants that cannot keep you fresh for hours. It has several benefits that will make you feel more confident, including its hair-inhibiting feature that slows down hair regrowth under your shoulders.

Should I make a shift to it?
Absolutely! Alleyoop does not only deal with underarm hair but also treats your skin well. It uses Coconut Oil that hydrates your skin, and most of all, it’s aluminum-free, keeping you cool and light all day. So, it’s all-natural, and it will never harm you nor your underarm follicles.

What other benefits does it have?
  • Zinc Oxide for an all-day pleasant smell
  • Organic Oils that help slow down hair regrowth
  • Alcohol-free
  • Time-saving

How long does it last?
You won’t even notice it’s gone! You might be going to bed at night fresh from the morning’s deodorant usage. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients. Plus, this roller has more fill than other competing deodorants. So, it’ll take some time before you’ll have to buy refill your stash.


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