Give Your Tattoo Immortality: Preserve And Bequeath Them To Loved Ones

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Charles Hamm tattoo preserve

A new if somewhat bizarre service was started by Charles Hamm who offers to cut off your tattoos when you die and preserve them so love ones can mount them somewhere as an art piece, maybe. Hamm, who is also a tattoo enthusiast (his body is almost completely covered in tattoos under his clothing), revealed that he thought of this service while he was having a back tattoo. Considering the amount of time and money people spend when they have a tattoo, he thought that maybe it would be best to preserve them for posterity.

The idea takes more form when he read that actor Johnny Depp has admitted to wanting his tattoo preserved. Hamm founded his business and calls it, Save My Ink which has become relatively successful. The service started last early September and in the first week alone, they managed to successfully preserve 21 tattoos.

Their service terms state that only a living person can give consent to the procedure. No one can opt for removing a tattoo from a dead loved one unless he or she had already consented to it before dying.

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